Featured Resource - Grants Bulletin

Each month the Grant Opportunity Bulletins are compiled by Social Entrepreneurs, Inc., with support from First 5 San Bernardino. It is envisioned to be a resource for nonprofit organizations serving the Inland Empire. It is being provided to the Inland Empire Community Collaborative, The Fundraising Academy for Grassroots Organizations, and Inland Empire United Way to further these efforts. You can download the full reports by clicking on the image or the links below. To learn about more Funding

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The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

A vicious cycle is leaving nonprofits so hungry for decent infrastructure that they can barely function as organizations—let alone serve their beneficiaries. The cycle starts with funders’ unrealistic expectations about how much running a nonprofit costs, and results in nonprofits’ misrepresenting their costs while skimping on vital systems—acts that feed funders’ skewed beliefs. To break the nonprofit starvation cycle, funders must take the lead. Download the PDF

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ieCapaciteria - The Inland Empire's Nonprofit Resource Directory

Are you using ieCapaciteria? Learn more about this valuable resource Here.

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