Welcome to Academy for Grassroots Organizations

Academy for Grassroots Organizations was formed in the year 2000 to meet the needs of a growing Inland Empire Region by coalescing and strengthening its nonprofit sector.

Today, with a mission to improve the quality of life in our region by supporting and strengthening the social service sector, “AcademyGO” provides a variety of resources and nonprofit learning opportunities throughout the region and serves a network of more than 1,000 nonprofit professionals and volunteers.

As our CEO, Vici Nagel likes to say, "They improve our quality of life ... so we want to make sure that the thousands of amazing people and organizations working to change lives in our region have all the resources and skills they need to be successful. That's our mission in a nutshell."

Visit our Milestones Page to learn more about our exciting history.

Annually Academy for Grassroots Organizations honors the region's 
top staff, volunteers, and nonprofits for their outstanding service.  

                      Inland Empire Academy Awards for Nonprofit Excellence™

(pictured left to right) Chris Lindsay, Carol Allbaugh and Diana Fox,  Sue Aebischer,
Sandra Aldrete, Carlos Sarmiento, Anna Komorita, Matthew Coughlin 

Photos by: Trina Siverts, Siverts Publishing

2018 Awardees

Executive Director of the Year
Sue Aebischer, House of Ruth

Nonprofit Agency of the Year
Reach Out

Nonprofit Employee of the Year
Sandra Aldrete, Ontario Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Adult Volunteer of the Year
Carlos Sarmiento, Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation

Youth Volunteer of the Year

Anna Komorita, Parade of Pianos

Complete List of All Awardees 2008-2018

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